Evolution launches a bespoke hotel budget review service

It’s budget time again. And, as a hotel owner, you’ll be looking – as always – for ways to minimise costs while maximising revenues. Which is why I’m writing to you personally: because Evolution Consultants offers a completely fresh dimension to the process of budget planning, as part of its innovative approach to Asset Management.

One of the innovations we’ve introduced is the provision of an ad hoc service during budget time. This means that you can have the support you need, when you need it, without having to commit to a long-term asset management partner. But this is just one example of our radical approach.

In fact, Evolution’s very existence is based on the belief that, today, the hotel industry demands new ways of thinking; new ways of addressing an old problem – which is how to maximise RevPAR and manage costs without compromising on a great guest experience, in order to deliver a better ROI for the owner.

When I launched Evolution, earlier this year, I wanted to offer a different experience of Asset Management. And I was well-placed to do so. With 17 happy years at IHG behind me, where I held the roles both of CFO for Europe and of VP Operations for Russia/CIS, I developed a unique insight into the challenges faced by owners, through the need to focus on the property and engage closely with management. This put me in an ideal position to not merely understand the issues faced by today’s hotel owner, but to conceive of, and implement, radically new solutions to those issues.

As a result, Evolution Consultants, was born – a company dedicated to devising and realising growth strategies for pan-regional hotel chains. While, at one level, the company is a ‘standard’ third-party asset manager, offering all those services you would expect of us, at another level it is completely different, bringing radical and exciting thinking to the process of helping owners to maximise opportunity and revenue. I was confident that my new company would be warmly welcomed by a market thirsty for new ideas. And so it’s proved. In a few short months since we launched, we have already begun to help a number of owners develop their relationship with leading brands.

One of our most recent projects was to advise SB hotels on their 2014 budget for the InterContinental Westminster. This budget review proved so successful that I have been asked to look at doing similar exercises at Hyatt and Hilton managed hotels, and SBH has retained us as Asset Manager for the Conrad London St James (formerly the InterContinental Westminster). It goes without saying, I hope, that I’d be delighted to have an opportunity to bring some fresh thinking to your own budget planning.

In fact, Evolution is proving so successful, both for its ideas and its service delivery that we’re growing quickly. To help manage this growth, I have begun to engage trusted colleagues from my IHG past (and elsewhere), in areas such as marketing, procurement, revenue management, legal and business insurance. This means that owners who consult with or engage Evolution can be confident of the very highest levels of experience and expertise in every area of their business.

Finally, you may find our latest product of interest. The perfect embodiment of our claim to innovative thinking, it’s called HSS (Hotel Support Service), and is a revolutionary new business model for the hotel industry, designed to reduce operating costs without compromising on levels of service delivery. There’s simply nothing like it out there, and I’m confident that it will play a key role in helping many owners increase their profits. If you would like more information about Evolution and its services, you’ll find it at www.evolution-consultants.co.uk. Even better, though, would be to call me on my mobile +44 (0)7702991053. I’d be delighted to talk or meet with you to explain in detail how Evolution can help you move into the future with total confidence.

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