A partnership “Bringing Science and Hospitality Together”

Evolution Hospitality joins with Icarepure as exclusive global distributors for the hospitality and leisure sector representing Ventum Biotech, the foremost biotech company in France specialising in decontamination products.


A truly efficient solution combined with a state of the art diffusion system is the only way to lower the cost of decontamination. Our One-Touch™ system has been designed with efficiency in mind from the beginning.

Our engineered diffusion system enables us to reuse the capsule and propels our solution to reach all corners of the room. Our recyclable pouch allows the user to never be in contact with the product directly, while the solution in the air leaves no residue.


Evolution is excited to be involved in “Bringing Science and Hospitality Together”.

In these unprecedented times, finding a safe, reliable and proven decontamination product is paramount for our guests and staff.

Ventum’s One-Touch™ solution is not only a powerful biocide, the partnership brings added value by working with Ventum to provide the Hospitality and Leisure industries with an Area Protection Grid and the protocols to ensure maximum protection. We believe that this is unique – having experts from science and hospitality advising you on how to get the most cost-effective solution with maximum protection.


Our team brings 50 years of experience in hospitality, leisure, luxury real estate, high-end retail shop, yacht charters, and water sports.

We supplement knowledge in areas within the hospitality industry which are normally considered other operating revenue areas and are forgotten.

Our support structure provides sales, customer support and logistics globally.

Download the PDF brochure here



99.995% Effective against a broad spectrum of  biological organisms, all while being easy to store and handle.

Self Neutralizing Formula – On the CDC “N” list, One-Touch™ has been tested and proven to be extremely efficient against a wide range of biological organisms, including COVID-19, Avian Influenza, Fungus & Ebola.

Unique diffusion system – One-Touch™ is cost-effective due to its unique dispersion system; each pouch can disinfect 25 standard rooms for €1.13 per room.

It also saves 15 minutes in labour on average vs. using a steaming machine


Easy setup, “plug and spray” with no requirement for PPE or capital outlay for expensive machines.

  • Recyclable
  • Breaks-down into water. No stains or marks
  • Unique dispersion system – Spray or Bomb

Ventum is committed to keeping your environment safe from infectious diseases. Tested and approved by the EPA & ECHA, amongst others, our solution is ready to tackle all of your disinfectant needs

One-Touch™  “green” level (T2) will meet 90% of the disinfectant requirements for a hotel, restaurant, bar and spa.

One-Touch™  “blue” level (T3) is an option for exceptional circumstances such as Post-COVID infection rooms, un-refurbished or dated kitchen areas prone to contamination due to the age of the kitchen.

Download the PDF brochure here or have a look on Amazon Business:


To find out more about the world’s best decontamination and disinfection solution, or for a more detailed presentation, please fill out the contact form or email one-touch@evolution-consultants.co.uk and a member of our team will be in touch.

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